What is it about you that makes people want to follow you? What is your natural style of leadership and which supporting styles do you use? What happens when you are put under pressure, which style do you then adopt and how satisfied are you with that? And which style would you like to develop more, and what results would that produce?

These are a few questions you should have at the back of your mind while reading this article. Whatever your answers may be, be aware that there are no good or wrong ones — because each style has its own advantages and disadvantages and works better (or worse) depending on the situation you’re in. For example: if a fire breaks out in a shop, would you want the staff to discuss with you the five different ways you can leave the building, or would you want them to take command of the situation and tell you what you have to do? In other words: enjoy the seven styles of leadership and what you can learn about yourself through them.

The Visionary

The Magician

The Emperor

The Warrior

The Orator

The Guru

The Giver

What is your preferred style of leadership and what are your supporting styles of leadership? Which examples of leaders do you know with respect to the various styles of leadership? I would love to know what you think, so why not leave your comments below this article?

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